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Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to the questions that we get asked the most.

What reasons do people book their cats in to stay at Penvale?2020-10-27T13:58:15+00:00

Predominately most people book as they are going away on holiday, as they do not want the hassle of asking a neighbour to help out. In recent years we have seen a huge surge in people booking because they are moving house, or even moving to/from Cornwall, having building work done or having a stay in hospital. Whatever the reason for needing to stay at Penvale, we are here to help.

What star rating have you been given by Cornwall Council?2020-10-27T14:01:17+00:00

Penvale cattery was awarded a 5-star certificate by Cornwall Council, which is extremely difficult to obtain.

How many staff work at Penvale?2020-10-27T14:02:33+00:00

We are a family run busines, and we have 5 full-time members of staff, all members of staff are members of the Williams family, who are the proprietors of Penvale Cattery.

Does my cat require vaccinations?2020-10-27T14:03:14+00:00

All cats must have a current valid vaccination certificate for Cat Flu and Feline Infectious Enteritis (see terms and conditions). Certificates must be produced at check in and we regret we cannot accept guests without these vaccinations. Please make sure your cat is vaccinated in good time due to the, as the Coronavirus pandemic has caused delays in people being able to get it done. Please note, your cat is either up to date with its vaccinations or it isn’t – we will not tolerate any abuse or attempts to try and bend the rules.

The rules are put in place by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra), these rules are put in place to protect your cat.

Please also ensure that your cat is up-to-date with treatment for fleas and worms. If we suspect that your cat has fleas or worms, we will treat them. The cost of the treatment will be added to the cost of your cat’s stay.

What if my cat is nervous?2020-10-27T14:03:33+00:00

Penvale cattery has been open for over 30 years, our family have run the business for over half of that time. We are all very experienced with cats, and have dealt with thousands over the years. We will do everything in our power to help your cat settle in as quickly as possible. We like to think of your cat as part of our ever-changing family. Most cats settle after the first 24 hours or so, we trat them with consideration and compassion. We try and run the cattery in a relaxed manner, and we believe this rubs off on the cats while they stay with us at Penvale.

Do you play with the cats when they stay with you?2020-10-27T14:04:02+00:00

Yes. We spend time with the cats between 10:00 and 16:00. Either side of these hours we are feeding and cleaning out the cat runs, so we are still in and out of their runs at these times, keeping them company.

What time can we drop off / pick up from Penvale?2020-10-27T14:04:41+00:00

We are open 7-days per week (expect bank and public holidays) We are open Monday – Friday 08:30 – 18:00 & Saturday & Sunday 08:00 – 11:00. During the Coronavirus pandemic we will be operating an appointment only system, where we will agree a specific time slot for you to drop off and pick up, this is to regulate how many people are in the Penvale compound at one time, and of course to keep you safe.

Can I pick up/drop off outside of your usual hours?2020-10-27T14:05:24+00:00

Penvale is open over 50 hours per week, longer that any other cattery, so we do not see the need to open out of hours. This means if you want to come in earlier than we open, you will have to book in the day before, and if you were looking to pick up after we have closed, you will need to book in for an extra night. Please remember, we are a small family business that is open 7-days per week, and over 50 hours per week. We cannot fulfil any extra obligations of opening out of our already long hours, as we all work 365 days per year for your convenience.

What if my cat only stays one night?2020-10-27T14:05:40+00:00

We have a minimum booking charge of 3 nights (even if your stay is shorter than that) to cover the deep clean sanitising of our runs between visitors.

Do we need to bring bedding and toys?2020-10-27T14:06:14+00:00

We provide everything your cat could possibly need including bedding, cat scratcher and toys. Due to the Coronavirus customers are not currently allowed to bring in personal items, only your own food if it is required, but it must in a suitable bag or container that can we wiped down with our cleaning solution that kills the human coronavirus.

When we return to ‘normal’ after Covid, customers are more than welcome to bring in any personal items.

How do I pay and when?2020-10-27T14:06:34+00:00

Payment in full is required at check out. You are more than welcome to pay at any point before departure. We accept online payments, this can be done in your online account which is accessible from our website under the ‘online booking’ section, or our Facebook page. Payment can be made in the ‘my account’ section. We also take contactless payments by Visa and MasterCard. We can take payment by banks transfer, but please make us aware of this and pay 24 hours in advance of pick-up.

Will I get a refund or money off if I come back early?2020-10-27T14:06:54+00:00

Unfortunately, no refunds are applicable because the room has been reserved by you for the duration of your cat’s stay. Should you choose to check-out your cat before the end of the booked period you are very welcome to do so, but the full number of days booked remains payable. The same applies if you don’t bring your cat in on the first day you have booked. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Can I guarantee a particular run?2020-10-27T14:07:13+00:00

We do try and accommodate as much as we possibly can, but we cannot guarantee certain runs, as we are in an ever-changing business, and sometimes it is not always possible to allocate certain runs.

Will I receive a discount for a long stay?2020-10-27T14:07:37+00:00

We offer discounts for stays of over 28, 56 and 84 nights. Discount will be calculated at the end of your stay, and the discount will run from your first night until your last night.

Can I cancel my booking?2020-10-27T14:07:51+00:00

Yes. We require 7 days’ notice in the event of cancellation. Cancellations with less than 7 days’ notice will incur a 100% cancellation fee, which will need to be paid immediately.

What if my cat is taken ill?2020-10-27T14:08:13+00:00

If your cat becomes unwell whilst staying at Penvale, we will immediately take them to your veterinary for medical assessment and necessary treatment. If an emergency happened out of hours, we will go straight the on-call emergency vets. In the event that your cat’s condition is serious, we will endeavour to contact you or your emergency contact.

However, if we are unable to make contact or treatment is time critical, together with the vet we will take any necessary decisions in your cat’s best interest and as deemed appropriate by the vet. Please note that you will be responsible for paying any veterinary costs.

My cat is on medication, can they still stay with you?2020-10-27T14:08:46+00:00

We are happy to administer medication to cats who are on medication and who are co-operative in having their medicines administered. We make no additional charge for this service.

All medication must be clearly labelled in their original dispensing receptacles showing the cat’s name, instructions for use, dosage rates and times and accompanied by details of the condition being treated. We are happy to administer injected medication in the case of diabetic cats but insulin and syringes must be supplied, this again is at no additional cost to the customer.

How soon can I book for Christmas?2020-10-27T14:09:11+00:00

You can book as soon as you like, please note there will be a minimum charge of £70.00 per run, and a £30.00 deposit per run. The deposit will need to paid at the time of booking. Normal terms and conditions apply.

Does my cat have any outdoor space?2022-05-25T22:08:48+00:00

Yes, they have their own secure private balcony where they can sit out and enjoy the sunshine.

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