During the current coronavirus, we have had to change our procedures and the way we work on a day to day basis. Penvale has already been designed around protecting cats from the various viruses and bacteria than can affect them in normal everyday life with rigorous cleaning and disinfection as standard.

We are currently allowing only 1 person to visit the Penvale at one time. We ask all our customers to please respect the following safety measures, failure to do so will result in us refusing entry for your cat and the booking being cancelled with you liable for the 100% cancellation fee.

  • Please ensure that your contact details are up to date, included in this is your emergency contacts. This is due to the unlikely event that you or ourselves may become ill with Covid-19, we would then need to contact yourself or emergency contact to arrange a socially distanced collection.
  • You must inform us if you or anyone you have come into contact with is showing signs of Covid-19, or has tested positive for the virus within the last 14 days.
  • Any person delivering/picking up cats from Penvale must not have tested positive for Covid-19.
  • At the time of booking or no later than 24 hours before arrival you will be asked to confirm a drop off time and collection time, as we are operating an appointment only system during this epidemic in order to stagger customers coming into the Penvale compound and not breaching the 2-metre distancing rule we are still adhering to.
  • It is unlikely you will encounter other customers or delivery drivers when you are in the Penvale compound, if you do please keep a 2-metre distance to protect yourselves and others.
  • If possible, please call us as you are setting of onto your journey to Penvale, so it will give us a better idea of your arrival time.
  • Any other persons accompanying you on your journey must remain in the car.
  • We will be operating a safe and clean social distancing handover of your cat. You will arrive into the car park as usual, then you will wait in your car until you have been seen an acknowledged by a member of Penvale Cattery staff. Then you will take your cat out of your car in their basket and put them onto a table near the office. The member of staff will wait until you have stood at least 2 metres away until they approach the table, then they will wipe the box down with cleaning fluid that kills the Coronavirus, this will in no way harm your cat. Then the member of staff will take your cat into their run as usual.
  • We are asking customer NOT to bring in personal items i.e. beds, blankets or toys as there is a contamination risk. You may still bring in your cats own food if it is something we do not stock, but please bring the food in a sensible container or package that we can be easily and safely wiped down with cleaning fluid that kills Covid-19, this also applies to any medication that will be needed during your stay.
  • Your cat still needs to be up to date with their annual vaccinations for cat flu and feline enteritis, if we need to see the vaccination card we will advise you of this in advance and will kindle ask you to put it onto the table next to your cat with the document opened up at the relevant page for a member of staff to check, once it has been checked the certificate can be picked up once the member of staff has moved 2 metres away.
  • We are aware that this will make the whole cattery experience much longer than usual, we apologise for this but we are following government guidelines.
  • We will not accept any abusive behaviour by anyone wishing to flout the rules, if this happens you will politely be asked to leave the Penvale compound.
  • In terms of paying for your stay if you can please pay in advance by online bank transfer – account number: 76028623 sort code: 60-16-22 reference: “your surname and cats name”
  • If you cannot pay online – we will have our card machine ready to take a contactless payment, and the receipt will be emailed through to you.


Penvale has been a well established boarding cattery in Cornwall for 30 years. We provide a friendly, kind and personal service to our feline visitors and caring for them is our top priority to ensure they have a relaxing, stress free happy time during their holiday with us.

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